Monday, October 7, 2013

Monster Sketches

Since fall has come around, with halloween right around the corner, I've been feeling in a monster making mood. So here's what I've been making the past couple of days.
 Someone said the deer one reminded them of a Kirin, or Qilin in chinese, from Japanse lore and, after doing some research, yeah I can see that. I'll have to draw an actual one sometime.
 My favorites out of all of these are the top two. And people seemed to agree.
 Watched some httyd: riders of berk and thought I'd attempt to draw some dragons of my own. It's harder than I thought.
 Mostly meh on this one. I attempted to reference nordic lore with the fox with a hole in it's back. Apparently, in nordic lore, all elves have holes in their backs, sometimes it's flesh, sometimes it's like a rotten tree trunk, and they have a particular elf called a huldra. Huldras apparently have fox or cow tails. So I wanted to play with that a bit and it kinda turned out meh. Needs work.
These turned out pretty well. I need to actually do some research and see how insects have their legs and wings attached. These feel off.

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